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RAF C-130J CI98PN580T-5 Oxygen Mask Interface Cable

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Manufacturer: Comm Innovations

When the RAF purchased the C-130J, it was specified that the aircraft be compatible with
the Normalair Garrett type 15 Emergency Oxygen Mask. Lockheed Martin tasked
CommInnovations to design an Oxygen Mask Interface Cable Interface Cable. OMIC is
designed to interface this ozygen mask to the RF C-130J aircraft ICS. Rigorous
requirements were set to minimize electromagnetic interference.

The upper end of the CI98PNT-5 terminates in a Racal connector (NATO stock number
5965-00-951-5890 or 5935-99-911-6614) which mates with the Normalair Garrett oxygen
masks. & the lower end terminates in D38999-26WB-98PN plug. A shielded interface circuit
matches the RAF 200 ohm microphone to the 5 ohm input of the US type ICS. The overall
cable length is 5 feet.


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