The Leader in Aviation Communications

Comm- Innovations custom manufactures high quality communications equipment for the Avionics Communications Market.

For over 25 years, Comm- Innovations has introduced an extensive selection of aviation communication products being used worldwide.  We provide services to a broad customer base not segmented to civilians alone.  Military, law enforcement, border patrol, fire fighting and emergency medical operations trust the quality and performance of our product in the most critical situations and environments.


The New Standard



Our Products Include:

Switch and Cable Assemblies


ANR Headsets


ANR kits for helmets

Portable radio interfaces

Cell phone adapters


Entertainment adapters


Helmet and impedance adapters



Our Experience

Since its inception, Comm Innovations has acquired extensive knowledge in the design and manufacturing of its communications equipment.  This allows for the production of the most demanding applications.

Custom Products

Comm Innovations manufactures a variety of products that interface aircrew helmets and headsets to aircraft and general systems.  For our customers, we attempt to merge product development and optional customization to meet each individual need.  If you don't see what you need in our catalog, simply ask and we may be able to build exactly what you are looking for.

Problem Solvers

Comm Innovations has developed a reputation for being problem solvers.  By bringing your communication problems to us, we will ensure that individual attention and care will be provided throughout the process.

Customer input is sincerely appreciated and utilized to make certain the best possible improvements and developments are applied to the production of our products..

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